Breathable Barrier Masks made with Burlington® fabric

Breathable Barrier Masks made with Burlington® fabric

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The White Oak Shop is continuing to provide support in the fight against COVID-19. We are now offering barrier face masks packaged in bulk quantities to our White Oak Shop family. The large quantities provide an opportunity for individuals to make donations of masks within your local community to health care workers, churches, fire departments, etc.

These Breathable Barrier Face Masks produced by GD Apparel in partnership with Hudson Overall Company, Inc. are constructed with state-of-the-art Burlington® medical grade fabrics that combine the highest degree of protection, performance, comfort, and durability.

Single-layer design permits breathability and air fi­ltration during respiration utilizing high-tech barrier fabric and therefore does not require a liner, which improves breathability. You breathe through this mask, not around it.

The barrier ­finish treatment lifespan lasts up to 75 sterile laundry cycles (~160ºf). Product lifespan can be elongated with correct hand-washing maintenance.

  • To machine wash, simply place through one hot wash cycle, and hang dry or pat dry with clean cloth or towel.
  • To sink wash, use hot water, and apply anti-bacterial soap on both sides, covering liberally.
  • Scrub well, then rinse.
  • Pat dry with paper towel or cloth or use wall unit to dry. Note: fabric is liquid intolerant, and will dry quickly, therefore elastic is the main focus of drying process.

Dimensions: 7 ½” length x 3 ½” height

Offered in two colors / 2 sizes (7” elastic or 8” elastic)

About: Burlington®'s Maxima® AT is a medical fabric constructed with non-linting polyester fibers and fluid repellent finish. It is made from air textured yarns for natural hand and better comfort. The air-textured yarns offer a slip resistant surface and cotton-like aesthetics. Fluid repellent finish properties are retained for up to 75 wash cycles. To learn more about Burlington's line of medical fabrics, click here.

Disclaimer: These fabric styles should only be used for minimum and low performance category face masks. These products should not be used in the production of N95 masks. Burlington and Cone Denim’s White Oak Shop makes no representations or warranties about the level of protection from viral or bacterial pathogens

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