Maegan Neubeck, MN Dye Studio 

Maegan Neubeck is a natural dye artist. After years in the denim industry working in wash houses all over the world. MN is creating wash techniques in the Catskill Mountains using only botanical dyes and ethically sourced raw materials.

MN Dye Studio was originally created as a side project while Maegan was in the denim industry as a wash engineer. Her passion for transforming denim into beautiful washes expanded to botanicals, using resources that would not harm the land around her in the Catskills. MN’s world now not only holds beautiful indigo but all the colors Mother Nature provided us.

The Concept Behind the 9 Piece Collaboration

The MN Dye Studio X Cone Denim collection was built from the concept of “use all that you have.” The dyes and denim fabrics were repurposed in creative ways to produce these unique one-of-a-kind coats, throws and pillows.

MN’s goal is to use the least amount of water and get the biggest shade range possible from one vat. She tends to mix different botanicals into the same pot through the process to shift to desired new color. Starting with the bundle dye with raw plant dyes and then repurposing them into the dye vats. For instance, the mountains started with a dip in indigo, soft like the sky then a dip in logwood for purple. Then shifted the logwood bath with a touch of iron to grey and dipped over the purple to create the mountain landscape.

MN works with this method for all of her projects, no bath goes wasted and she often mixes colors at the end of the day and store them for later use. Upcycled header swatches from Cone Denim are also incorporated into the coats and pillows.

MN designed this collection to be a touch of softness to close out summer and transition into fall. There is a palette for every season.

Alisha Kearns

Alisha Kearns is an explorative, free spirit textile designer with passions in dyeing, weaving, and product design.

She uses natural dyes and old school methods of hand weaving to create sarongs, planter pots, interior accessories and wall hangings. Residing in Hawaii, she draws inspiration from the tropical island vibes and channels her boho vibes into upscale, artisan pieces.

Being an avid nature lover the desire to use upcycled materials into her work is a heartfelt value. Denim is a rooted, timeless culture in textiles and by collaborating with Cone Denim, she transforms scrap denim into pieces of art.

Her long term goal is to influence the textile industry by creating products and art with fiber waste to reduce the environmental effect on our planet.

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Looking for more handmade pieces from Maegan? Check out all of her designs at follow her on Instagram @maeganneubeck.


Artist Collaborations

Calling all denim designers and aspiring artists! If you or someone you know is an innovative designer that wants to incorporate Cone denim into their designs, let us know! Send us a message to learn more about partnering with White Oak Shop.


Alisha Kearns,
Indigo Roots