MN Throw Blanket – Mountain Landscape

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MN Dye Studio x Cone Denim®

Maegan Neubeck is a natural dye artist. After years in the denim industry working in wash houses all over the world, MN is creating wash techniques in the Catskill Mountains using only botanical dyes and ethically sourced raw materials.

The quilted throw is a scenic landscape blanket with added embroidery for a touch of texture. These lightweight one-of-a-kind pieces are handmade with Cone Denim fabric and a double sided batting insert.  

Mountain Landscape Inspiration:  Represents Maegan’s view from her dye studio dome with subtle color changes from each mountain peak.

Natural Dyes:  Ombre dyed with indigo, logwood and iron. 

50” x 60” 
100% Cotton  

Made in USA

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