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Denim Branded: Jeanswear's Evolving Design Details
by Nick Williams and Jenny Corpuz

The story of denim branding told by self-confessed denim geek.
Primary source materials for this book come from the historical archive departments of Levi Strauss & Co., Lee Jeans, Wrangler, Carhartt, and Cone Denim, as well as some of the best contemporary denim brands of today, including Rogue Territory, Dawson Denim, Denham, Kings of Indigo, Endrime, Evisu, Eat Dust, Butcher of Blue, and Tellason.

Most take for granted that a pair of jeans is not considered complete without patches, rivets, buttons, and other trims. The existence of such design elements is not questioned because they are seen as the standard. Nick Williams’s book is exclusively dedicated to denim branding and deconstructs every element that goes into branding a pair of jeans. These elements are a jeans’ identity, its source code, a marker from which to discover the jean’s provenance. Through beautiful and inspirational photography, this book tells the fascinating and sometimes surprising history of denim branding from the 1870s to current day.

Check out the images and story of the original Cone Deeptone Denim branding from the 1930s.

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