Style P22223 : Natural Indigo Dyed Denim 9.75 oz.

$10.95 per yard

Regular price $54.75


Natural Indigo was the dye-stuff used when Cone Denim produced its very first denim fabrics in the Late 1800’s. Today, we have returned to our roots with a Collection of denim fabrics dyed in 100% Natural Plant Indigo, celebrating Cone Denim’s history of heritage and innovation in the form of scalable bio-based natural indigo dye from plants Farmed in the USA.

This Natural Indigo fabric is a lighter weight version of style P22224.


Style: P22223
Weight: 9.75 oz.
Weave: 3x1 RHT
Cuttable Width: 66.25”
Fiber Content: 100% Cotton
Shade: Natural Plant Based Indigo

Manufactured in Mexico

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