Style J60491 : Cone Deeptone Denim™ Clean Water Natural Selvage with Sea of Blue Selvage ID

$9.50 per yard

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A 12.75 oz cotton/tencel natural selvage option for your denim projects.  

The Cone Deeptone Denim™ Collection was first introduced to the market in the 1930’s. The re-launch of this collection is inspired by Cone Denim’s archival constructions. All Cone Denim fabrics are sold in the unwashed raw state – like a blank canvas, the opportunities for wash and wear are endless.

Sea of Blue Selvage ID thread manufactured by sister company A&E.  

Style: J60491
Weight: 12.75 oz.
Weave: 3x1 Right Hand Twill
Cuttable Width: 32.50”
Fiber Content:  79% Cotton / 21% Tencel 
Shade: Natural
Selvage ID: Sea of Blue

Manufactured in China

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