MN Decorative Pillow no. 2

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Maegan Neubeck is a natural dye artist. After years in the denim industry working in wash houses all over the world, MN is creating wash techniques in the Catskill Mountains using only botanical dyes and ethically sourced raw materials. The MN Dye Studio X Cone Denim collection was built from the concept of “use all that you have.”  The dyes and denim fabrics were repurposed in creative ways to produce these unique one-of-a-kind coats, throws and pillows. 

These handmade decorative pillows were designed with the remnant swatches from the bubble coats and Cone Denim upcycled header fabrics.  The colors are soft - Maegan thought everyone needed a touch of softness and peace in their home.

20”x 20” with down feather pillow insert
Zipper closure
100% Cotton

Made with remnants from the botanical splatter bubble coats and upcycled Cone Denim header swatches.  

 Made in USA

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