MN Bubble Coat – The Eagle

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MN Dye Studio x Cone Denim®

Maegan Neubeck is a natural dye artist. After years in the denim industry working in wash houses all over the world, MN is creating wash techniques in the Catskill Mountains using only botanical dyes and ethically sourced raw materials.

The kimono style quilted bubble coat is a signature design from MN Dye Studio. These one-of-a-kind handmade pieces are made with Cone Denim and engineered to generate less fabric waste than your average coat. MN developed this design from the idea that you wear a blanket when you are outside by the fire, but it falls off of you when you get up. With the tie in the front and the added batting as an inner layer, it’s truly like you’re bringing the comfort of your bed with you to the outside world.  The ultimate blanket coat that you will wear every day.

The Eagle:  Maegan’s spirit animal is the Eagle. Living nearby an eagle reserve, she is inspired and has the pleasure of seeing them every day.  

Outer Body:  Dyed with cutch

Lining: Exhausted cutch bath and madder root

Eagle Design: Bundle dyed with marigold, madder root and logwood

Length:  30"
Sleeve: 23 1/2" dolman style, hits at wrist
Width : 40" from underarm (dolman)
Bottom width cinched: 29”
Front tie closure
100% Cotton

Made in USA

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