White Oak Authentic Quill Bobbins

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Add a small piece of White Oak history to your home with a set of vintage quill bobbins. These bobbins are sure to be a conversation piece as they have a history in denim manufacturing dating back to the early 1900’s. (Take a close look at the right hand corner of the last picture to the left dated back to 1903 and you will see a box full on these quill bobbins!) After being wound with yarn on a Whitin Quiller, these bobbins were originally used to hold the fill yarn inside the shuttle of the original looms that lined the floors of White Oak’s weave room. When these looms were updated with the addition of a Unifil (a device that allowed a shuttle loom to wind its own fill yarn bobbins), these bobbins were re-purposed to meet a need in the beaming department. Beaming is the process of aligning all the warp yarns onto a section beam to be prepared for slashing and weaving after the yarn has been dyed in a rope form. A section of indigo yarn from each dye run was wound onto bobbins by the Whitin Quiller and were sent to beaming to be used in place of any lost or tangled yarns.

Each of these White Oak keepsake quill bobbins are unique - some with yarn, and some without, and marked in various colors signifying the various shades of indigo yarn. The bobbins are shipped in sets of 3 (one bobbin with yarn and two bobbins without yarn) and come neatly packed in a muslin drawstring bag.

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